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Redland City Landscape Photos

June 1, 2018
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Photographing Redland City

We lived in Redland City for many years, and it was a great place to take landscape photos. The Redlands is best suited to landscape photos as it is on the coastline with a couple of substantial points being Cleveland Point, and Wellington Point.

I really hope to end up living in Redland City again, and look forward to getting out and taking some more landscape photos.

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Redland City

Redland City, locally known as the Redlands is in Queensland, Australia. It is on the east coast of Queensland, near Brisbane. With plenty of ocean, it is a great place for landscape photographers to take photos.

My Photos of Redland City

Here are a some of the landscape photos I took when I lived in Redland City. I really enjoyed getting out early in the morning, and exploring the area. Cleveland and Wellington Point were my favourite suburbs.

Raby Bay Long Exposure

This is one of my favourite photos of the Redlands. I took this photo before sunrise, and it might not look like it, but it was almost pitch black. I used a long exposure and a wide angle lens. I was actually in a dog park area, and had to take it before sunrise so that the beach sand remained untouched and natural.
Raby Bay Sunrise in Redland City
© Brett Eldridge

Sunset at Raby Bay in Cleveland

A beautiful area in Redland City. Raby Bay Harbour is in Cleveland. I took this with my wide angle looking into the sun across the yachts. It's hard not to take a nice photo down here.
Raby Bay Harbour in Cleveland, Redland City
© Brett Eldridge

Sunrise at Wellington Point Jetty

Another very early landscape photo taken at Wellington Point in Redland City. This is also a long exposure photo, but for this photo, I used a flash to light up the foreground. If I didn't use the flash, there would be no grass in the foreground, just a silhouette of black rocks.
Wellington Point Jetty Sunrise
© Brett Eldridge

The Harbour and the Yacht

The gates at the harbour were open one afternoon so I went down next to a yacht to take this photo. Looking back at the restaurants on Raby Bay harbour in the Redlands.
A Yacht on Raby Bay Harbour Cleveland
© Brett Eldridge

Foreshore in Cleveland

Went for an early morning walk in Cleveland and saw this fantastic sunrise in Cleveland. A very simple landscape shot.
Landscape Photo of Cleveland in Redland City
© Brett Eldridge

The Lighthouse Restaurant in Cleveland

Had to wait until a sunset at low tide to get out on the rocks to take this landscape photo. This restaurant is a very iconic restaurant in Redland City, and you can see from this shot why it's very popular. The views are quite amazing.
The Lighthouse Restaurant at Cleveland Point
© Brett Eldridge

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