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Top 10 YouTube Dads

May 8, 2018
YouTube, Tech Dads
YouTube Dads List

Dads & Tech Dads on YouTube

Since having my son, I have found myself watching more and more dad channels on YouTube. Lots of how to's, plenty of science, and just great family videos. Here are some of my favourite Dad Channels to watch on YouTube.

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1: Whats Inside?

Dan & Lincoln, the father and son team that cut open and destroy everything in sight to show you, what's inside.

I love watching these guys, and the bond they have is awesome. I hope I am doing fun stuff like this with my son when he gets a little older.

YouTube Channel: What's Inside?

2: Action Movie Dad/Kid

The Action Movie Dad is an awesome dad who creates short movies with his children. His channel shows a lot of the behind the scenes, and how to's, but there is a channel called Action Movie Kid where you can see the finished products.

Their videos are just phenomenal, and he is definitely a tech dad.

YouTube Channel: Action Movie Kid

3: Turbo Toy Time

The dad and son duo Andy & Ryden have fun playing with all the latest toys. Not all the toys fall under the tech category, but he seems like such a great dad, they made it to my list of the best dads on YouTube.

YouTube Channel: TurboToyTime

4: Dude Dad

Taylor Calmus documenting life as a father. Having previously been a comedian, his videos are more often than not, hilarious. Plenty of DIY and tech, but mostly just a great dad.

YouTube Channel: DudeDad

5: FamilyCraft Dad

Family friendly MineCraft videos that all started with his sons request to play MineCraft. If you are into MineCraft, you should take a look at FamilyCraft Dad.

YouTube Channel: FamilyCraft Dad

6: Dad Does Blog

If you want reviews on tech gadgets and tech toys, this is the tech dad channel you need. With over 130k subs, this channel can't be overlooked.

YouTube Channel: Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does

7: Modern Dad

Join Phil Nickinson AKA Modern Dad as he reviews and shares his thoughts on technology and how it fits into his life. The ultimate Tech Dad.

YouTube Channel: ModernDad

8: The Dad Lab

A dad with two boys that seem to spend all day everyday having fun and learning. Lots of science, craft, tech and more. The Dad Lab is a great channel for the family.

YouTube Channel: TheDadLab

9: The Dad Network

Coming to you from the UK, this group of dads share their experiences with other dads. Dad Chat, Toy Reviews, Tech and Dad advice. A very entertaining and informative channel.

YouTube Channel: The Dad Network

10: LadBaby

This guy is not really into tech, but his videos are very entertaining and very relatable.

YouTube Channel: LadBaby

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