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Townsville Strand in Black & White

November 1, 2018
Townsville, Black & White, Photography, Canon

Taking Photos at the Strand

Took my Canon DSLR down to the Strand in Townsville for some hand held photography. I was going to do some street photography, but it turned into architecture/landscape and arty farty photography. It was a really sunny day, so I thought the photos were better suited to black and white because of all of the contrast from the harsh shadows.

The Strand in Townsville

The Strand is a great location in Townsville, and is a must see location for visitors and residents alike. I really enjoy taking my family down here for a walk and for the kids to play in the many playgrounds along the walk.

Photos of The Strand

Here are the photos I ended up with on my walk along the strand. I really like them for one reason or another, even thought some are not technically the best photos ever.

Seagulls Leaving The Strand

Was taking a reflection shot when the seagulls decided to leave. They ended up blurry as they flew which I thought added an interesting element to the photo.
Seagulls Leaving the Townsville Strand
© Brett Eldridge

Magnetic Island from The Strand Pier

A little arty, and not a perfect composition, but I really like this photo. The contrast was really strong as you can see. It was a pitty there was a bit of smoke in the air as it faded the view of Magnetic Island.
Magnetic Island from the Pier in Townsville
© Brett Eldridge

The Strand Boardwalk Looking Back

The view of Castle Hill from out on the Pier in Townsville. I nearly deleted this photo, as I thought the trees were really messy and just overtook the concept of the photo, but I decided to keep it. I liked the leading lines not just from the railings but the shadows of the railings.
The Pier Boardwalk in Townsville
© Brett Eldridge

Arty Pic of Aquarius on The Beach

I was just mucking around when I took this photo. I was going to take an architectural photo of Aquarius on The Beach when I looked up there was a street lamp in my way. So, I just lined it up to make it look like it was part of the building, and made sure I got it all in focus. Now Aquarius on the Beach has a lamp on top of it.
Aquarius on The Beach in Townsville
© Brett Eldridge

Seagulls Drinking at The Strand

As you may have guessed, this was taken just a few seconds before the above photo where they all flew away. The seagulls were taking a drink in a puddle on the footpath. Reflections add so much more to photos, I may have to start doing them more often.
Seagull Feeding at the Strand Townsville
© Brett Eldridge

The Pier Cover at The Strand

If you live in Townsville, you will recognise this pattern. It's the cover over the end of the Pier. I know its a bit of a dicky photo and a bit too arty, but I like it so I included it. I like the contrast a lot, and what makes it better is that is a recognisable pattern to locals.
The Strand Pier Cover in Townsville
© Brett Eldridge

About These Photos

All of these photos were taken using a 20mm wide angle lens. All were handheld, and taken on the 31st October 2018.

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