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Review: Kmart 6 Cup Silicone Mini Muffin Pan

October 5, 2018
Rated 5/5
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The Best Muffin Pans Ever!

I really love finding great products for the kitchen that make your life easier, that's why when I found the 6 cup mini muffin pan from Kmart I was excited. I'm sure every household in Australia has a few metal cupcake trays around and while they are great for certain things they are useless for others and are so difficult to clean. I have spent many hours scrubbing baked on food off the metal trays and it's not fun . If you decide to invest in the 6 cup mini muffin pan from Kmart you will never spend time scrubbing again, in fact once you are done with them you can just throw them in the dishwasher and they come out perfectly clean.
I have made cupcakes, muffins and even mini quiches using these moulds and they have all turned out great without even using any type of oil or butter for greasing. That's right, I just poured the egg mixture for the quiches into the moulds, baked them, let them cool a little and popped them out to get absolutely perfect mini quiches with no food residue stuck to the moulds. I have also made savoury muffins with great success. I have used them in the freezer to freeze individual portions of vegetable meat, or fruit puree which worked well also.

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Kmart Silicone Muffin Pan

What I love About the Silicone Baking Moulds

Non-stick: Absolutely no food residue will stick to these muffin moulds!

Easy Cleaning: Just put the baking moulds in the dishwasher.

Cheap: A total bargain at only $5, I have to admit I have bought 4 of these silicone mounds, as well as 2 smaller sized moulds, I just love them so much!

Freezer Usage: Can put these muffin pans straight in the freezer.

Wide Range of Uses: Can use to make sweet or savoury treats with the perfect portion size for little mouths.

Easy Storage: You can store these mini muffin pans easily, as they are stackable.

Warranty: They come with a 12 month warranty from Kmart.

What I don't Like About the Moulds

There is just one issue with these which is easily overcome. Because they are not rigid, when they are filled they can be difficult to move as the mixture splashes out easily, this is especially an issue with a thinner mixture like a quiche mix. What I do is before filling them put them on a large metal baking tray. This allows easy transfer in and out of the oven with no spills.

I have also purchased the full size loaf pan from the same range, which has been good, however the sides bow out slightly when the mixture is added. This means you end up with a slightly strange looking loaf, but cleaning is still a breeze and I still really like the loaf pan.
Quiche in the Kmart Muffin Trays
Placed on trays to go into the oven

Overall Review Opinion

I would highly recommend the entire silicone range from Kmart, they are great quality products at an amazing price. I rate them 5/5.
Easily Removed from Muffin Tray
Quiche easily removed from the silicone trays

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