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Ashtons 8 Month Baby Portraits

November 27, 2018
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Baby Portraits Are Hard To Do

I am not going to sugar coat this for you. Hats off to any photographers who specialises in baby portraits, especially when the babies are a little older and can crawl and get distracted easily.

I did this mini photo shoot of Ashton when he was 8 months old. I just bought the 100mm lens for my Canon EOS and even though it is know for macro photography, it is also great for taking awesome portraits. I am not saying my baby portrait photos are awesome, but the lens certainly has the capability.

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About the Photo Shoot

I did this photo shoot at home in the lounge room. It was night time, and I only used the room lights, and my canon speedlight with a reflector.

The subject looks super cute, but let me tell you... These photos were very hard to get. He would not stay still for a second. Just kept crawling toward the camera and the reflector. Not his fault I guess, the camera gear does look exciting and have plenty of buttons to push. But it certainly made it very hard to get a good shot.

I think I ended up with about 80 photos, and only a handful turned out. I was happy with that. It is not easy to get him looking at the camera, with a nice facial expression, and get it in focus (New lens has a very shallow depth of field). Here is what we ended up with. I did convert them to black and white also and they turned out great.

The End Result

The end result was just a few portrait pics. I was really happy with them, and the certainly will be looked back on over time as great memories. I also learnt a lot about the lens, and would make a few changes in the next photo shoot. I just can't wait until the boys are a little older and they don't attack the gear :)

The Cheeky Smile

We just love this photo. It was the desktop wallpaper for quite a while. That smile really captured his personality at 8 months of age.
Ashton 8 month old photo shoot
Ashtons cheeky smile baby portrait

Mr Serious

He wasn't smiling in this one, but I just couldn't delete it. He had a very serious look on his face, and in that singlet, I thought it looked like he just got home from a hard days work.
8 month baby portrait
A very serious portrait pose

The Curious Look

A beautiful image where Ashton was looking away from the camera with a curious look. I was up quite close for this shot, and was really happy that it was in focus.
Baby photo - Ashton at 8 months
Close up of Ashton in this baby portrait

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