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Ashton's First Birthday

October 5, 2018
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Ashton Eating Birthday Cake
Our darling Ashton turned one on the 11th of July this year and it was a very special day for our family. There was no big fancy party but it was still nice to celebrate our firstborn's birthday. It's amazing how much babies grow and develop in that first year, it feels like only yesterday Ashton was a tiny little baby in my arms and now he is a grown up toddler walking around the house.

I somehow managed to have a rostered day off, which is very rare mid week but obviously meant to be. And because it was school holidays Aunty Lauren was able to come over as well.

The 'Party'

While Ashton was having his afternoon nap, we got a little party ready for him. Just some streamers, balloons and presents waiting for him. We then opened his presents and played with his new toys, sang songs and he really enjoyed all of it. He got to have his favourite foods for dinner - zucchini slice and yoghurt and then have some birthday cake, his first sugar.

The Presents

From Mum & Dad Ashton got a book with some special messages in it. At this age we don't think it's necessary to buy extravagant gifts as Ashton already has so much and gets so many nice things from the extended family. We prefer to put some money away in an account for him when he is older and give him a small keepsake which he can reflect back on. He actually loved the book and wouldn't stop holding it, it was a challenge for us to stop him wrecking it!
Ashton Holding his Dr Seuss Book
Ashton holding his Dr Seuss book
From Nonna and Pop he got a really cool scooter (Micro Mini2go Scooter), from Aunty Lauren he got a remote control car, the B-rally Ripster.

Probably my favourite gift was from Bizzy, Ashton's great grandmother, she gave him three Harry Potter picture books. They really are beautiful, the first three novels have been made into hardcover picture books for the children of all the Harry Potter obsessed parents out there like me! I cannot wait to read these to Ashton, I absolutely adore Harry Potter and hope Ashton comes to love these books.

From another great grandmother he received a very unique Cat Keyboard which I am sure he will have heaps of fun with as he loves music.

From his grandma, he received an Alphapup from Leapfrog which is a very cute pull along sausage dog to help him learn his ABCs.

The Cake

This sounds crazy but I have been excited about making Ashton's first birthday cake since he was born. I love cooking and when I was growing up I always got excited about birthday cakes. My mum would let us pick one from the Woman's Weekly childrens cookbook, a decision I would agonise over for weeks prior to making the crucial decision. I didn't make Ashton one from that book, I considered making him a fox cake, as his favourite toy is a plush fox but in the end decided to go for a cookie monster cake.

I impressed myself at how well the cake turned out and Ashton enjoyed having a little taste. At first he would not try it at all, then when I ate a little bit he decided to give it a go and then started shovelling it into his mouth!
Ashtons Cookie Monster Cake DIY
The home made Cookie Monster cake for Ashton
We really had a great time celebrating Ashton's First birthday. Getting through year one with your first baby is such a milestone. Happy Birthday Ashton!

Also sorry this post is a bit late, it has been hectic in our household since July.

A Few Birthday Photos

Reading a Book with Aunt Lauren
Reading his new book with Aunty Lauren
Ashtons Birthday Presents and Cake
The cake and presents
Ashton & Mum
Presents with Mum
Opening Presents
More presents with Mum
Remote Control Car Present
Opening the remote control car

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