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Ashton's Top 10 Toys 6-12 Months

September 29, 2018
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In the last twelve months one thing is for sure, Ashton has played a lot! The thing about small children is that once they find something they like they play with it over and over again, so naturally Ashton has some favourites and I thought I would share them. Some of these items were gifts, some hand me downs from friends and some aren't even toys! I think this list goes to show you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good time, some simple things are all you need.

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1. Bright Stars - My Little Flip Phone

My mum fished this little light up phone out of some bargain bin somewhere to put in Ashton's stocking for his first Christmas. He has played with it non-stop and some days carries it everywhere with him. He pushes the buttons and watches it light up and puts it to his ear like a real phone. It has provided hours of entertainment and I have had imaginary conversations on this phone too many times to count. It just shows you that kids like to copy what we are doing and just like everyone my husband and I use our phones a lot!

Link: My Little Flip Phone at Kmart
Ashton and My Little Flip Phone
This is NOT how you are meant to use a phone

2. Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs

This toy was suggested by my online mother's group, with everyone exclaiming that there child loved them a played with them for hours! I was skeptical but saw them on sale one day and made the $12 investment. I have to say Ashton has played with them non-stop.

Link: Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs at Toyworld
Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs

3. Six Pack Dino Bath Squirters from Kmart

These are little rubber toys for the bath, we also used them in the pool and Ashton has used them heaps. He loved chewing them (especially the dolphin) and us squirting water on him using them. Lots of fun to be had in the bath with these simple but cute toys.

Link: Six Pack Dino Bath Squirters at Kmart
Ashton with Six Pack Dino Bath Squirters
Ashton having a bath with his Kmart bath toys

4. Steelcraft Aeroplane Walker from Baby Bunting

This was a special first Christmas present from Ashton's Nonna and Pop and boy did he love it. This walker gave him the freedom to roam crazily round the house and provided hours of fun. He would zoom around grabbing toys, dancing if music was on and watching what we were doing. Some baby proofing was needed prior to using this one, we blocked off the kitchen and made sure anything potentially hazardous was out of reach. This was a great toy that allowed Ashton some independence and freedom to explore.

Link: Steelcraft Aeroplane Walker at Baby Bunting
Steelcraft Aeroplane Walker

5. Maracas

These were handed down from another family and are a great hit. All babies love noise and Ashton figured out how to use these pretty quickly. Now whenever a song starts playing he will go and find them and so he can play along with the music.

6. Speedo Sea Squad Baby Swim Seat

The Speedo Sea Squad Baby was a Christmas gift from Ashton's aunty Lauren and it was a great idea. Living in North Queensland we have plenty of opportunity to get in the pool and it is one of Ashton's favourite places. He really liked using this toy to float along and play in the pool.

Link: Speedo Sea Squad Baby Swim Seat at Rebel Sport
Speedo Sea Squad Baby Swim Seat
Ashton and Mum in the pool with the Speedo swim seat

7. Kmart Rainbow Twirly Whirly

I was shocked when Ashton started to play with this one and how fast he leaned how to do it. He really enjoys playing with this, read the review here.

Review & Product Link: Twirly Whirly Rainbow Ramp

8. VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

This was a Christmas gift from Ashton's grandma and it has been used a lot! I feel like every baby I know has this toy and it's probably because it is so versatile. It makes noise, there are buttons, there is a phone and it can be used as a trolley style walker.

Link: Sit to Stand Learning Walker at Kmart

9. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

Wow, this one was a real hit from about five months onwards. He enjoyed it more when he was younger but still uses it now at 14 months. There are heaps of activities to keep little hands busy while they listen to some tunes. It also gives busy mums and dads some hands free time to get all those household jobs done.
Link: Baby Einstein Activity Jumper
Baby Einstein Activity Jumper
This face! Happy in his Activity Jumper

10. Kmart Cookie Cutters Set of Five

Okay, this is a bit of a weird one. I got these star cookie cutters from Kmart for $1.50 and Ashton absolutely adored playing with them. They are like a little puzzle for him and he has spent a lot of time lining them up and putting them inside each other. When he does it successfully he gets very excited and to be honest the first few times he did it I got excited as well! I thought he was a very clever little boy.

Link: Set of 5 Cookie Cutters at Kmart
Kmart Cookie Cutters Set of Five
Ashton sure loves his cookie cutters from Kmart

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