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Review: BUSA Children's Tent & Play Tunnel

December 1, 2018
Rated 5/5
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The Fun & Practical BUSA Kids Tent

When our son Ashton started crawling around like a mad man, we decided to look for something fun for him to crawl around and through. Thats when we came across the BUSA Children's Tent at Ikea.

We decided on this play tent for a few reasons. Firstly, because we are currently moving house every year for Talia's work, we liked that the BUSA tent folded down into a really flat package. Secondly, it was big when setup and thirdly, it was really good value at under $10. We also got the BUSA Play Tunnel, which added lots of fun, but cost a little more. It too folds down, not quite as flat, but still really good for moving.
Ashton Playing in the BUSA Tent from Ikea

Playing With the BUSA Children's Tent

Ashton loves playing in the BUSA tent. We have it setup in the playroom all the time. When we play with it, we are all really active and using up heaps of energy but sometimes he loves to just sit quietly in it. It's a bit like a cubby house I guess, and we all know kids love cubby houses.

We don't always have the tunnel setup as it takes up a lot of space, but we often get it out and have some crawling fun. I can't fit in the tunnel, which is a shame as I love playing with Ashton and getting really immersed. I just have to keep going end to end and look through it. I can sit inside the tent though, which he loves.

Best Features of the BUSA Children's Tent

Easy to Store: The BUSA tent folds up really flat and small which takes up no room in storage and it great if you move house a lot like us.

Great Price: This toy is great value at under $10 for the tent, and under $30 for the tunnel.

Quality Material: We have owned the BUSA tent for about a year now, and I can report that it is still in great condition. It shows that the tent and tunnel are made very well, and withstands the kids test.

Overall Opinion & Review

The BUSA Kids Tent is a great addition to our playroom and we have used it a lot. It was great value, and has withstood a lot of playing. I give this Ikea product 5 out of 5 as I just can't seem to fault it at all.

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