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How To Get 20% Off Netflix

April 21, 2018
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Getting a Discount on Netflix

I have been getting a discount on my Netflix subscription for years, and every time I tell people how I do it, they are surprised. I thought it was what everyone did, but it turns out, not many people actually know it.

So I decided to write this quick post about how I get up to 20% off my Netflix, and other subscriptions too.

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Get 20% Off Netflix Discount

What You Need

For this Netflix discount hack, you need an Apple account, and you need to subscribe to Netflix through your Apple account.

Note: You don't need an Apple TV or anything additional, you can still watch Netflix how you currently watch Netflix, you are simply using your Apple account to pay the subscription.

1. Login to your Apple Account
2. Install the Netflix App
3. Subscribe to a Monthly Subscription Plan

How to Get the Discount

Apple accounts can be in credit, and can have a credit card attached. By default, Apple uses all of your credit before it charges your credit card.

All you need to do, is load up your Apple account with credit (gift cards) that you buy at a discount. So everything you buy on iTunes is in turn, bought at a discount.

Where to Get Discounted Apple Gift Cards

I live in Australia, and I just keep my eye out in Woolworths and Officeworks. Most of the time you will get either 15% off, or 20% off. When I see them at 20% off, I buy. I only buy at 15% off when I am running low.
Officeworks 15% Off iTunes
Screenshot: Office Works Gift Cards Page at 6pm 21st April 2018 - My Notation in Red
Woolworths 15% Off iTunes
Screenshot from the Woolworths Catalog at 6pm 21st April 2018

The Discount Applies to All Apple iTunes Purchases

I know I keep mentioning Netflix, because that's what I mainly use it for. But this applies to anything you buy on iTunes. Just keep loading your account up with discounted gift cards, and you keep saving.