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How To Mount a GoPro to the Kaiser Baas XS3 Gimbal

November 3, 2018
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Mount a GoPro on the XS3

GoPro Mounting Problems on the XS3

The fact that you are reading this, means that like me, you have also bought the XS3 Gimbal by Kaiser Baas and you have noticed an issue mounting your GoPro to it. You aren’t alone.

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What doesn’t help, is that Kaiser Baas themselves don’t really know how to mount a GoPro to their gimbal. I also don’t think this problem is limited to GoPro, they pictured their own X220 Action camera in their marketing photos, and it is not even mounted properly.

Kaiser Mounting is Confusing

The XS3 comes with a mounting bracket that is used to balance the weight of the GoPro. This is easy enough to attach the Action Camera to. But from there, it gets really confusing. Here are a couple of images taken directly from the Kaiser Baas website.

Here is the image from their website used in marketing.

How to Mount a GoPro to the XS3
This is the obvious way to mount it and it is the same way you mount smartphones, but it has a couple of big issues:

Gimbal is in Shot: The back of the gimbal is quite deep and is in the frame of the GoPro. Given the wide angle views of most action cameras, this is a huge problem.

Can’t Balance it: When you mount anything to the gimbal, you need to balance it, or it just wont work. From their instructions, “Once the adaptor is in the holder, slide it into the groove of the tilt motor.” Well that is easier said than done. You can’t slide it across because the camera hits the gimbal spring loaded grips. Even in their image above, the adaptor is not pushed into the tilt motor. It is simply not possible to do this when it is mounted like this.

Here is the image from their instruction booklet.

XS3 Action Camera Mount Help
This picture is totally different to their other photo, and as you can see, their X220 Camera is mounted backwards, pointed at the user. When mounted this way, the issues faced above are corrected. The gimbal is out of the shot, and you are able to balance it easily. However, you are left with another big issue:

The Handle Won’t Turn 180 Degrees: Unless you are only using this to take selfies (If you are, thats 100% ok), you will want the camera to point in the other direction, away from you. However, you can't turn the handle 180 degrees. You can turn it almost 180 degrees, but there is a small stopper that stops it hitting 180 degrees.

The Solution

The only solution to this problem that I can see, is to use the gimbal backwards. That means, the controls are going to be on the back of the handle, and not the front. Also, the joystick will take a bit of getting used to because it is on the back and you need to use it with your index finder. Not to mention, the joystick now goes in the wrong direction.

Mount the camera as pictured in their instruction book. Not as pictured in their gallery. You will just have to hold it the opposite way to how you use it for smartphones.

Here is how I have mounted my GoPro Hero 6 on the XS3.
GoPro Hero 6 on Kaiser Baas XS3
GoPro Hero 6 on the Action Camera Adaptor for the Kaiser Baas XS3
GoPro Hero 6 on the Kaiser Baas XS3
GoPro Hero 6 on the Kaiser Baas XS3

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