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Review: Ikea Trofast Kids Storage Combination

October 2, 2018
Rated 4.5/5
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Ikea has Done it Again!

If Ikea is know for anything, other than being the flat pack specialists... It would be for their awesome storage solutions. And the 'Trofast' kids storage solution is a big favourite with parents, for good reason.

The Trofast Combination is a simple timber storage system made up of three different heights where you can insert tubs/containers or shelves to store all of your kids toys. There are other sizes and styles if the three different heights doesn't suit you.
Ashton in front of Ikea Trofast Storage Solution
Ashton Playing in Front of the Trofast Storage System

What I love about the Trofast System

Easy to Assemble: I love the idea of flat packs, but, they can be so ....... hard to put together. But the Trofast is not. It is easy to assemble.

Storage Options: You can either use the tubs/containers that it comes with, or you can buy additional shelves that slide in. We are just using the tubs, but in the future, when the kids are older, I can see us using shelves. You can also use different height tubs. There are 3 tub sizes, and can be used in any combination.

Hides the Mess: Just chuck the toys in the containers and push them in for the mess to disappear.

Safe for Kids: We have allowed Ashton full access to this since he was about 11 months old. He knows exactly how to pull the draws out and push them in. He hasn't injured himself yet. The only safety precautions I have taken, is to place a single Corner Protector on the low corner, and we do NOT place anything heavy in the top container.

Left or Right: This storage unit is high on one side and steps down, and the good news is that you can step it down to the left, or to the right.

Colors & Sizes: Because I am boring, I went for the timber and black. But, the Trofast frame comes in Timber, Black or White. And the storage tubs come is a great range of colors like pink, orange, yellow and more.
Ikea Trofast Options
Some of the Color Options for the Ikea Trofast Storage System 2018

What I Don't Like about the Ikea Trofast Storage

My only complaint about this system is that if the kids put downward pressure on the plastic tubs when they are only part way out, they slip down out of the tracks and get stuck. This also wears down the track bottom edge, and over time it actually becomes easier for it to happen again. This is most likely classed as misuse, but it is a kids storage system, and its hard to stop them leaning on the open drawer.
Trofast Storage Drawer Runner Fault
Drawer track that can get damaged over time

Overall Opinion & Review

Overall, I think the Trofast Combination Storage System is a great storage system for your kids toys. It is safe, easy to setup and easy to use. Our family will probably see more and more of these units around the house in the future.

Documents & Downloads

Assembly Instructions for Ikea Trofast Frame

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