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Instagramers for Kids Activities

October 26, 2018

Get Some Insta Inspiration for Your Kids Activities

Now that I have 2 kids, I am looking towards my future of art and craft activities (Can not wait), and have found a goldmine of inspiration on Instagram.

I have come across hundreds of accounts, and there are so many great activities. Here are my current favourite Instagram accounts showcasing some really awesome activities for children.

E M M A • Play At Home Mummy

/ play_at_home_mummy

Play at home mummy, Emma... This is one of our favourite accounts to follow. There is a huge array of kids activities on this account, many of which feature amazing learning toys for your kids. We are super jealous of all of the wooden toys on this Instagram page. We also get a lot of inspiration from her playroom tours when they are posted to Instagram Stories.
Play at Home Mummy on Instagram

Stem Mayhem

/ stemmayhem

STEM Mayhem is all about having fun with STEM. Getting creative and teaching your kids is easy with these types of activities.

Carrie: Kindergarten Toolkit

/ kindergartentoolkit

Kindergarten Toolkit posts lots of great photos promoting their simple to use tools aimed for children 2 to 6 years of age. Many posts contain images of their own really cool flash cards for kids. Well worth subscribing to for inspiration.
Kindergarten Toolkit on Instagram

Katie 👱🏻‍♀️🇨🇦

/ early_childhood_fun101

Katie from Early Childhood Fun 101 is an early childhood educator and has an awesome Instagram account for kids activities. Her account features lots of simple kids products and really fun ways to play with simple toys and learning tools.
Early Childhood Fun 101 on Instagram

Nelly • Learning & Play

/ learningatheart

Nelly has a very vibrant Instagram feed featuring tons of kids activities. Lots of activities making the most of nature too, which is something simple we can all do with our kids.
Learning at Heart on Instagram

Sergei Urban

/ thedadlab

The Dad Lab. This guy reminds me of me. We are both dads to 2 boys and love to create great activities for our kids. His boys are a little older, so I am just saving all of his posts so I can do the activities with my boys when they are older. He posts a lot of simple videos of activities for children that are usually science based and can be done with products you can find around your house. A fun Instagram account you really should subscribe to.
The Dad Lab on Instagram

Kids Activities Blog

/ kidsactivitiesblog

The Kids Activities Blog is a really fun Instagram account for simple kids activities. Lots of posts about making things, growing things, painting things and generally having lots of hands on fun.
Kids Activities Blog on Instagram

💕Melissa Spiegelman, M.A.Ed💕

/ momma_teaching

Melissa from Momma Teaching is a teacher turned Work from Home Mum. If you love creating lots of fun art for your kids, this account is a must follow. From some really simple art creations to kids getting fully covered in paint there are some really inspirational posts for you to enjoy.
Momma Teaching on Instagram

Kid Blogger | Anne

/ leftbraincraftbrain

Ann has a really interesting Instagram account called Left Brain Craft Brain and it contains lots of craft activities for children. And something I personally really enjoy are the STEM learning activities. Arts, crafts and engineering, all for kids on this amazing Instagram account that is a must follow.
Left Brain Craft Brain on Instagram

mary alice

/ brainy_beginnings_network

Mary from Brainy Beginnings Network has an Instagram account that's not only filled with plenty of inspirational activities for kids, but most of them are Eco friendly. Lots of great activities that include plants and flowers which are not only fun, but are items that are available to most people. My boys are a little young for some of these activities, but I have saved quite a few, and are really looking forward to making some of them.
Brainy Beginnings Network on Instagram

RedTedArt & Incredibusy

/ funcraftskids

Fun Crafts Kids is full of really vibrant activities for kids. Food, painting and making things, this account has it all. They also post a lot of great things that your kids can make and keep for a long time, not just keep for a day. A great account to follow.
Fun Crafts Kids on Instagram

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