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Kaiser Baas XS3 Gimbal Review

December 1, 2018
Rated 4/5
Kaiser Baas, Camera Gear

The Impressive XS3 Gimbal by Kaiser Baas

I have been looking around for a while now for a simple to use and economical Gimbal to use with my Pixel 2 phone and my GoPro Hero 6 Black (Really wish I waited for the Hero 7, but thats another story). When I recently came across the new XS3 Gimbal by Kaiser Baas. After some quick research, I was happy to shell out and bought it for myself. Here is my review.
GoPro on the Kaiser Baas XS3

What I Like About the Kaiser Baas XS3 Gimbal

Smooth Footage

I would have to say the best thing about this Gimbal is the super smooth footage. There is just no going back to handheld video shooting after you use the XS3 Gimbal. Once you get used to the joystick, and don't keep moving it in the wrong direction like I did, your videos will be amazingly smooth.

You can watch my: Side by side comparison with a hand held Google Pixel 2

Easy to Use

The XS3 is really easy to use. You can download the free app (iTunes or Google Play), and connect your phone to the Gimbal via Bluetooth. From there, choose photo or video and you can use the trigger on the grip to start and stop recording. You can also use a button on the grip to change the mode to one of the following:

Pan & Tilt Follow Mode: The Gimbal is free to move in both horizontal and vertical axes. Just tilt the camera in the direction you want, and it will get there smoothly.

Pan Following Mode: The Camera will follow the pan movement of the Gimbal, however the tilt and roll axes are locked. This is great when moving the camera from one height to another. If you want to tilt the camera, you will need to use the joystick on the handle.

Lock Mode: In this mode all axes on the Gimbal are locked. Use the joystick to manually control the tilt axis, and the pan axis.

Great Value

I don't think it is the cheapest on the market, however I do think it is one of the best value Gimbals on the market. I bought this at JB Hi-Fi here in Australia for around $140. The nearest competitor with similar features would be the DJI Osmo 2 which is just over $200.

Vertical Orientation

Unless I am using Snapchat, I usually record videos horizontally, however having the option to do vertical is great. It's a feature that not a lot of Gimbals offer.

3000mAh Battery Bank

This powers the Gimbal for around 10 hours (Less if you haven't balanced your camera well enough). The battery bank can also be used to charge your device. There is a USB port on the handle. 3000mAh is not going to give you endless charges, but it is better than nothing. A great feature.

What I Don't Like About the Kaiser Baas XS3 Gimbal

Instructions Aren't Clear

Not only are the instructions not clear, they are actually incorrect. I had a lot of trouble mounting my GoPro and even wrote a post about it: Mounting a GoPro to the Kaiser Baas XS3

Face/Object Tracking Not Perfect

I actually don't use this feature a lot, but I have tried it out, and didn't have much luck. I am not entirely sure if I am doing something wrong, but it seemed to lock on, but then lose tracking if I moved a little too quick. I ended up giving up on this feature. As I mentioned, not something I use anyway.

Limited Resolution in App

The Kaiser Baas XS3 App looks great and is easy to use, but you can only record 1080p at 30fps (Ignore their website which says: "Record footage in HD 720p at 30FPS"). My phone does 4k but you just cant get that if you use the Kaiser Baas App. Not sure why this is the case, and hopefully a software update in the future might fix this.

Stabilisation Comparison

Here is a short video I took comparing the XS3 Gimbal to the built in stabilisation of the Google Pixel 2.

Overall Opinion & Review

I am pretty happy with the XS3. Apart from the GoPro mounting issue, I haven't had any problems. I like the simplicity, and most importantly, I like that it produces smooth footage. I gave the Kaiser Baas XS3 Gimbal a 4 out of 5, and think that it represents great value.

Documents & Downloads

Kaiser Baas XS3 Userguide

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