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Review: MULA Ikea Stacking Rings

November 27, 2018
Rated 5/5
Ikea, Fine Motor Skills, Wooden Toys

Great Value Stacking Rings

When we bought the MULA Stacking Rings, it was just a whim. We were in the Ikea store, we walked past them (As you are forced to do with every single product in Ikea), and thought it was good value at $9 and hoped our son would get some use out of it.

Turns out, this is probably the best toy we own to date.
Mula Stacking Rings from Ikea
The Ikea stacking rings kids toy

Playing with the MULA Ikea Stacking Rings

Our son uses these stacking rings every single day. He is only 16 months old right now, so he doesn't line up the sizes yet, or face them the right way. It looks like it is meant to represent some sort of lighthouse if put together correctly. But, he tips them all off, and puts them back on in any order over and over and over again. Sometimes for an hour at a time. He is fascinated by these stacking rings.

The MULA Stacking Rings are designed to develop fine motor skills and improve logical thinking.

Best Features: Ikea Stacking Rings

Durability: I have no idea what these rings are painted with or coated with, but it is super strong. I am not saying they are impossible to chip, but, ours have been to hell and back, and survived really well. I am talking; banging the rings against a painted concrete wall, and trying to draw with them on the same wall. The coating stays put. AMAZING!

Rubber Centre Pole: I thought it was a pretty good safety feature. If your kids fell onto this into their eye, the rubber centre will still do some damage, but, if they fell on it with any other body part, all should be ok.

Overall Review & Opinion

The MULA Stacking Rings from Ikea represent awesome value. They are super well made and a great price. It is a great toy to help with your child's development.

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