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Nintendo 64 Released in 2018?

May 29, 2018
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N64 in 2018?

For the lovers of the Nintendo 64, is it time to get excited?

Just this week, Nintendo applied for a trademark for N64. As announced by Japanese Nintendo.

Gaming companies are releasing retro consoles by the bucket load, but there is good reason... We are consuming them. It seems, 2018 is the year of the Retro/Classics. N64 could just be following this super fashionable trend.
Nintendo 64 Classic 2018

New N64 Games

If Nintendo does bring out the N64 Classic, will we see all of our favourite games?

Probably not. The selection might be good, but they might have some license issues with a few of the big names as they have been shifted to other companies.

Nintendo 64 Release Date

No release date has been set, and we are still waiting for an official statement from Nintendo in regards to the N64 even being created.

Trademark Application for N64

N64 Trademark Application

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