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Our Life with No TV: Day 1 Approaching

December 8, 2018
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Our Decision to Get Rid of the TV

The true story of how we decided to get rid of our TV is actually a very funny story...

Believe it or not, we were out shopping for a new TV (True story), as our current television is about 10 years old and chews electricity like a microwave. We were having trouble deciding on OLED or QLED and we were also not set on the size. So we said we would go away and think about it.

So we did think about it, and then we thought about it some more. We started talking about the types of TV's, and then we talked about the price and the value we would get from the TV. Which led us into a discussion about how our kids shouldn't actually be watching TV, and then that got us thinking about why we needed to watch TV. Before too long, not only did we decide NOT to get a new TV, but we decided that we will get rid of our existing TV!
Our Life with No TV

Reasons We Are No Longer Watching TV

Now that we have 2 children, we put a lot more thought into what is best for them and our family. And it turns out, TV's are really bad for young children, and they aren't great for adults either. Amazing what a bit of research digs up.

The more we researched about the impact of televisions, the more shocked we were, and the easier our decision was to get rid of the TV. We just wrote a separate post that goes into detail about the reasons we got rid of television: Ten Reasons We Got Rid of Our TV's. Most reasons revolve around health and family relationships.

Even thought our official 'Day 1' is not yet here, and the TV is still in our living room, we have been testing the waters and have almost completely stopped watching it. I haven't watched it in a while, and Talia is just finishing a couple of shows before the official 'Day 1' is upon us. I feel life has already improved.

Official Day 1 is Almost Here

We are about to move from Townsville to Bundaberg. We are using this move as the official start to our new family life without TV.

Official Day 1 Date: February 1, 2019

In preparation, we have already sold our TV unit. Our TV is currently looking ridiculous sitting in the middle of the coffee table which we have now pushed against the wall. We have also proactively reduced the amount of TV we watch. I personally haven't watch TV in a while, and I am going to try and watch zero TV between now and then.

Our Plan for No Televisions

The plan to get rid of the televisions is easy. When we move to Bundaberg the TV’s get put in their boxes, and they will stay in their boxes, stored in the garage.

The setup in our new place will be focused on talking with each other, music and games. The couches will be facing each other with a coffee table in the centre. Hopefully we will have a place to put all of our board games on display to encourage us to play them. We just want a house that is warm and inviting for guests and focus our energy on relationships.

The Future with No TV

We hope that we not only stick to the plan of having no TV, but hope we enjoy not having a television. On paper the benefits look great, and visualising it, I have to say, I think it will be great.

However, at some point in the future, we will probably have a TV. But we will be using it differently.

If we get a TV in the future, I hope that it is used in a games room. Two purposes, the first would be to have music videos running when friends come over for a pool night. The second reason would be for console games in the games room. I have no problem with gaming in moderation.

This is our plan for no TV. We really hope it brings us closer together and reduces any health risks for our family. We will keep you posted with an update in the near future.

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