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Review: Build Me Up Maxi Racetrack

September 24, 2018
Rated 1/5
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A Megabloks Imitation Not Up to Scratch

I found the Build Me Up Maxi Racetrack at Toyworld Australia. I have to admit, I made an error by thinking these were actually Megabloks which we had some of already, and I have always thought were of a good quality. However, this was NOT Megabloks, this was a knockoff, and a bad quality knockoff at that.
I must point out, this really has nothing to do with Toyworld, where I have bought many toys, I guess they were just expanding their range. However, I would suggest to them to remove this item, as it is just really poorly made.

By the Wey, if you do love Megabloks, you should try the: Megabloks Bridge Building Challenge

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Build Me Up Maxi Racetrack in Toyworld

The Build Me Up Maxi Positives

I will note the positives first, simply because it is a short list:

They do fit with Mega Bloks: The standard blocks in this kit actually do fit with our existing blocks. Not 100% perfect, but pretty close. Luckily, because if they didn't I would have returned it for sure.

Four 4x4 Squares: We have quite a few Mega Blocks, but not a 4x4 square, so these were a welcomed addition as they are a great base for building block towers.

The Build Me Up Maxi Racetrack Negatives

Ramps are Bowed: Probably the most important part of the 'Racetrack' are the ramps. Without them, its just a box of blocks. But the ramps are bowed and are very badly formed. Hard to click together and hard to keep together.

Cars are Poorly Made: The kit comes with 3 cars, but don't expect much from them. They are poorly made and often come apart when you pick them up.

Cars Don't Move Freely: Unless the ramps are set to about 85 Degrees, you aren't going to get the cars to make their way down the tracks. You need to move them down manually. You might as well just be pretending a brick is a car. Kids love things that start at the top, and end at the bottom, but they will be let down by the Build Me Up Maxi Racetrack. I ended up just running the balls from the Twirly Whirly Rainbow Ramp down it to produce some excitement.

One Checkered Flag was Already Broken: The ramp kit came with 2 checkered flags, but one was already broken because of the bad packaging. I have no doubt that if I returned it to Toyworld they would have given me a refund, but I didn't think the flags were a very important part of the block set, so I just threw them out. Everything in the kit was just thrown in together when packaged, and because these are small and somewhat delicate, one broke off.

Can't build it Up Straight: I really had trouble building up this tower and keeping it vertical. Because the ramps were all bent, and held together badly, the towers the ramps attached to looked like the Leaning Tower of Piza. Except the Leaning Tower of Piza is still standing, and hasn't collapsed like my tower.

Build Me Up Maxi Review Conclusion

Do yourself a favor, when you get to Toyworld and see this, avoid it. Instead, pick yourself up some official Mega Bloks. You will be much happier with the quality, and have much more fun.

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