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Review: Ingenuity SmartSize 2 in 1 Smart Swing

May 17, 2018
Rated 4.5/5
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The Sanity Saving Ingenuity SmartSize 2 in 1 Smart Swing

I bought this smart swing because I didn't know what to buy, and many internet searches about crying babies led me to smart swings. Best thing I ever bought.

Included in my recent post: Tech for Newborns

My son Ashton (at 2 months old) decided one day to cry for 7 hours straight! We fed him, we held him, we put music on, we sung to him (made it worse - understandably), we took him to the doctor (all ok), we did everything possible that any parent would do, and nothing helped. So I started internet searching things that helped soothe babies, and smart swings were the only thing on the lists that we hadn't tried. I got straight in the car, and heading to my nearest baby shop. "I need a Smart Swing" I said to the assistant, who looked like she had heard that sentence about 10 times already that day.

I ended up with the top of the line Ingenuity 2 in 1 Smart Swing. It had all the bells and whistles, as I wasn't going to risk it by getting a cheaper one that didn't have all the features because who knew what feature was going to stop Ashton crying.

Minutes after putting the thing together... We had a sleeping baby, and sanity was restored to the house.

How It Works

There are basically 2 main components, the rocking seat, and the swing. As you can see by the picture, the rocking seat detaches, but also when it is connected, it can turn and face any direction.

The swing is powered by electricity, and has a control panel for the settings. It plays music, has a timer, and controls the swing intensity. It also has a tablet/phone holder and an audio input so you can play whatever video/audio you like.

The rocker is powered by batteries, and has a small control panel on the front. It has vibration, and is designed to mimic a few things like heart beat and a car. It also holds the mobile that spins and lights up with plush toys hanging from it.
Ingenuity SmartSize 2 in 1 Smart Swing

What I Liked

The best thing about this swing for me, was the fact that it worked!!! But apart from that, here are a couple of things I liked:

Portability: It's not exactly small, but they did manage to make it portable. It is lightweight, and they added wheels to the back at the bottom, so when you tipped it up, you could wheel it around.

White Noise: The smart swing has music, but better than music, it has white noise. I found this worked better than the music, and was glad it was built in.

Detachable Rocking Seat: 90% of the time, I used it as a swing, but a few of times I detached the rocker and let Ashton rock a little. It's easy to detach and just clicks back into place.

The Mobile: The mobile is also detachable, and just like all mobiles, babies love them. I am really glad they included it. Ashton would watch it go round until the eyes got droopy :)

What I Didn't Like

Clicking Noise: The one I bought made a clicking noise in the swing. It didn't wake my son, and it didn't happen all the time. But, when it did happen, it was super annoying. It clicked on every swing, like it was hitting something inside. I tried to look, but just couldn't see what was making the noise. I am sure that if I contacted them, they might do something about it, but because it didn't happen all the time, I just could not be bothered trying to prove it. I presume this would not happen to all of them, so I am counting this as a fault, not a design problem.

Rocker was Battery Only: The rocker only took batteries, even when attached to the swing. If I made these, I would look at some sort of connection so that it used AC when connected to the swing.

Tablet & Phone Holder: The ability to play custom music is good, but they promote this as a video holder. Just my personal opinion, but given this is only rated up to 9 months or 9kg, babies are a little young to be getting screen time. As stated, this is just my opinion, and you certainly don't have to use this feature if you don't want. It's just that they used it in their marketing that I didn't really think was ok.

Packaging: The packaging is pretty rough, especially given the price tag. Just a few foam cylinders around some parts and plastic wrapping. I don't really care about packaging for most things, but this smart swing is only used for a small window of time, and then is packed up waiting for the next baby to arrive. It would be nice if there was a foam insert where I could easily pack it up and store it safely instead of literally throwing everything back in the box.


Overall, the Ingenuity SmartSize 2 in 1 Smart Swing is an awesome bit of tech for your baby. Whilst there were a couple of things I didn't like, they would hardly stop me buying another one if I needed to. It worked like a charm, and when it soothes your baby after crying for 7 hours, you can do nothing but appreciate it (And write a review about it).

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User Manual: Ingenuity SmartSize 2 in 1 Smart Swing

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