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Review: Micro Mini2go Deluxe Kids Scooter

September 24, 2018
Rated 5/5
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My Son, The King of All Scooter Riders

The Micro Mini2go Scooter was a gift for Ashton for his 1st birthday from Nonna & Pop. Who knew he would develop some sort of a 'King of the Road' attitude, giving off swaggering stares at passing kids on bikes wondering why they are pedalling and not being pushed along by a slave.
That aside, this is a very well built, and easy to use scooter, and I recommend it above all of the cheap ones you see in the stores. I believe, you get what you pay for (99% of the time), and this is no exception. Yes, it costs more, but you can tell the extra money is for quality.

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Ashton Riding Micro Mini2go Deluxe Kids Scooter

About the Micro Mini2go Deluxe Scooter

The Micro Mini2go scooter is designed to grow with your child.

Stage 1: The Mini2go scooter has an attached seat with storage compartment, and it also has a handle/rod attached for parents to push and steer.

Stage 2: Remove the push along handle, and the kids are able to sit on the scooter and push themselves along.

Stage 3: Remove the seat and storage compartment, and you have a kids scooter that they stand on. Use in this mode at around 2 years of age.

Stage 4: As above, except the handle bar is extended up higher for kids of around 3 years of age.
Micro Mini2go Deluxe Kids Scooter

My Opinion/Review

I know Micro Mini2go is more expensive than others, however, as the Mini2go grows with your child, it actually presents as great value. EG, a good quality scooter alone would cost $150AUD. This actually makes the Micro Mini2go great value as long as you get the years out of it. Which brings me to my next point....

This is a quality build. You can feel it. The materials feel great, it doesn't have that plastic feel, nor does it sound like plastic when you push it along. It has great quality wheels that feel sturdy and friction-less, and they make pushing it along easy and remove vibrations.

It was easy to assemble and everything you need is in the box. The adjustments on the Micro Mini2go Deluxe between each stages are really simple, and are mostly done via quick release clips which also seem to be great quality and built to last.

The only complaint I have: is the size and angle of the foot pegs. They are quite small, and I really struggled to keep my sons feet on them when he was 12 months old. And every time we went over a few little bumps, they would vibrate off, and I would have to put them back on. I can see why they made them so small, because in the next stage, he will be pushing himself along, and you don't want them getting in the way. I think they might be able to address this by having attachable/detachable foot pegs, and could even include a Velcro strap to hole them in place (Maybe). Saying that, he is now 14 months old, and his feet stay there most of the time. Not long before he will be able to put them back in place himself when they do come off either.

With no other complaints, I could not recommend the Micro Mini2go Deluxe Scooter enough. My son absolutely loves it, and I can't wait for him to experience the other stages. I suggest you stop paying for cheap scooters and push along toys over and over, and get this all in one solution.

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User Manual: Micro Mini2go Deluxe Kids Scooter

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