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Review: Oricom Babysense2

May 11, 2018
Rated 5/5
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My Review of the Oricom Babysense2

Firstly, let me say... This is NOT a paid review. We bought this breathing sensor for my son when he was born, and received no incentive to do this review. Now that is out of the way, and you know this review is my honest opinion......

This is the best piece of tech we could have ever bought. It provides next level piece of mind, and as a new parent, the value of that is unimaginable. If you are reading this post, trying to decide if you should get a breathing sensor for your newborn... please don't hesitate, buy the Oricom Babysense2.
Babysense 2 Alarm & Sensors

How it Works

The Oricom Babysense2 is described as an "Infant Apnoea Alarm". If your baby's breathing falls below a certain rate or is not detected, the Babysense2 monitor will alert you audibly and visually. Please note: In no way is this expected to, or advertised to decrease the likelihood of S.I.D.S, or any other disorders or breathing problems. It is simply there to alarm you of any slow breathing or stoppages and therefore give you an opportunity for medical intervention.

Setting Up the Babysense2

The setup couldn't be easier.

1: The unit is battery operated, so the first thing you need to do is put in 4AA batteries into the base unit/alarm.
2: Next is to mount the unit on the cot. There are a couple of mounting options, we went with screw mount, and we fixed it with a single phillips head screw. It also came with the under mattress mount. The alarm just pushes onto whichever mount you fit.
3: Now you place the two sensor pads under the mattress. Spaced evenly apart, making sure that it can sense the entire mattress.
4: Connect the sensor pads using the attached cables to the alarm/control unit.

Using the Babysense2

This breathing sensor is super easy to use. It has a single button on the control unit. When you put your baby in the cot, press it on, and when you take your baby out, press it again. You WILL forget to turn it off every now and then, and have to go back when the alarm goes off, but, you will do it less over time.

There is a blue light that flashes when the baby breathes. Some people say this is really bright, but honestly, I have a nightlight in the room, and I can not see this lighting up the room and waking the baby. If the room was really dark, without a nightlight, you might notice the light flashing.

The Cons

There were a few false alarms. And when I say a few, I mean 3 over the entire 10 months I have used it. One of these times could actually have been a breathing issue. I was scared sh**less.... I went running in, yelling, and my son got a little startled but was ok. He was right in the middle of the cot on a sensor, so I am not convinced it was a malfunction or false alarm. The next two times were when he moved right up into the corner. He is often in the corner of the cot, so I am pretty happy it has only gone off a couple of times.

It is not linked to the baby monitor in any way. This means if I can not remember turning it on, I have to go in and check. No big deal, but I often wake up and have an uneasy feeling so I have to go in and check. My tip would be to place it facing a camera if possible, that way you can see the blue LED flashing on the camera.

Overall Opinion of the Oricom Babysense2

The piece of mind and reassurance that this monitor brings is invaluable. The price and the cons listed above do not even come close to swaying my decision the other way. I recommend the Oricom Babysense2 monitor for every new parent. It is a must.


Official Information Page: Oricom Babysense2
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Documents & Downloads

User Guide: Oricom Babysense2
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