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Review: Oricom Secure710 Digital Video Baby Monitor

May 19, 2018
Rated 2.5/5
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The Oricom Secure710 is Great, But...

I am a big fan of digital video baby monitors, and I even included them in my post about must have tech for your baby.
I bought the Secure710 by Oricom, and I think it is a good camera. It has certainly made my life as a dad easier, but I think there is a couple of simple things they could change to make the camera a lot better.
Oricom Secure710 Review

What I Liked About the Oricom Secure710

Overall, this is a good camera. I have used it for 10 months now, and there are some really good features.

Video Quality: It's not 4k, granted. But, the video quality is pretty good especially given the low light conditions. It's also infrared, so at night your image is just as clear.

Temperature Sensor: This is very handy. It displays the temp on the bottom right of the screen for the room where each camera is.

Additional Cameras: Our unit came with one camera, but we recently bought another. You can add up to 4 cameras per base, and just scroll through them to view them. But there is a catch, see the cons below.

Lullabies: I mainly used the baby mobile to play a lullaby, however, when that stopped and my son was not quite asleep, I used the baby monitor. Just pressed a button and away it went. I didn't need to go back into the room which would have distracted my son.
Oricom Secure710 with 4 Cameras

What the Secure710 Needs to Improve

After using this for 10 months, and after recently attaching a second camera, I have listed a few things that they really should improve on.

Multi Camera: The Oricom Secure710 boasts multi camera functionality, and it technically does work with up to 4 cameras. But in my opinion, the integration is terrible. We have a camera in 2 different rooms for 2 different children (One about to be born). We can view each of the cameras, one at a time, or we can put it on scan which looks at each camera for 10 senconds and goes to the next. Here is the big problem: The monitor will only wake from standby and play sound for the room/camera that you have it on, it wont auto switch. If you have it on room 1, and the baby in room 2 cries, the unit will ignore it and will not wake. Now, you would think that when it is on 'Scan' it would solve this issue, wrong. The 'Scan' mode will not go into standby, so the screen is always on, and always playing sound from the rooms. It seems you have to fix it on a single camera to go into standby.

No Time: There is no time display. This may not sound like much, but when a baby wakes, the first thing you want to know is the time. They could have easily built this into the display opposite the temperature.

Charging LED: The charging LED is the same as the on LED. So, if the unit is on the base station charging, you have no idea if the unit is on or off. The only way to know it to lift it off the base. If the light stays on, then you know its on. A little annoying, and could have easily been addressed with an additional LED.

Out of Range: I actually like the range on this unit... But, every now and then I get the 'Out Of Range' message on the Oricom Secure710 and it won't go back in range, even if I stand next to the camera. The only fix is to turn off the camera for a couple of seconds. This could be a fault with my unit, not necessarily a design fault.

Print on Buttons: I have given my monitor a workout for 10 months now, and I have already worn off the print on the on/off button. Luckily I know where it is, but I have to tell anyone else. Would be nice if the button text/icons were indented and then printed to protect them a little.

Tilt but no Pan: The camera can be wall mounted, but you can only tilt the camera up and down, you can not twist (Pan) the camera at all. So is your wall mount is not quite facing the cot, you need to mount it crooked so you can direct it where it needs to go. I know there is a different pan tile camera available, but I do not need to pan and tilt constantly, I just wanted to point this camera correctly initially without the mount being lopsided on the wall.

Should You Buy the Secure710 Digital Video Baby Monitor

I do like this baby monitor, it does have the basics. I just get a little annoyed with a few missing features. I have listed them all above, so after reading them, you can decide if the Secure710 Monitor is for you. I have found Oricom as a brand very good. I use quite a few of their products and they all seem very good. I just think this baby monitor lacks a few features.

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Documents & Downloads

User Manual: Oricom Secure710 Video Monitor
Information Sheet: Oricom Secure710 Video Monitor

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