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Review: Sprout Baby App

May 25, 2018
Rated 4.5/5
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Baby Tracking App by Sprout

I have to admit, when my wife found Sprout - Baby, and installed it on my iPad, I thought it would be time consuming and useless... But, I was naive and inexperienced. Turns out babies are quite delicate and you need to know whats happening every minute of the day. This app is actually quite useful, and we will be using it again for our next baby guaranteed.
Sprout - Baby App

About Sprout - Baby

The App is a tracking app, and is designed to keep records of your baby. The Sprout App has 3 main sections:

1. Medical Records: Sprout allows you to keep medical records, doctor visits and monitor medication.
2. Record Baby Milestones: You can enter the milestones of your baby in this app, and it displays them in a timeline for you. You can also include pictures.
3. Daily Tracking: You can track sleep, feeding, pumping, diapers and more. The info is collated and displayed in easy to understand graphs and tables.
Sprout Baby Screenshots

What I Liked About Sprout - Baby

As mentioned above, my wife and I really only used the daily tracking of this app. In Australia where we live, the Government gave us a book to track medical records and the doctors all ask for it, so we used that for our babies medical tracking.

The daily tracking was easy to use, and I found it really useful. My wife breastfed, and she really liked the left/right tracking, and I found the sleep tracking the most useful. The app displays the data in really good graphs that allow you to compare days easily. I could easily see if my son Ashton was getting enough sleep and could see any routines forming. Once I could see routines or consistencies, I checked the medical recommended guidelines, and if I was within them, I tried to work on sustaining the routines for a little while. It also helped me space out the sleeping so that we could have our bedtime routine at the same time each night.

Syncing the info between our devices is also a great feature, and to be honest, without it, it would be useless for us. My wife cant enter everything, and neither can I. So we just enter what we do, and the info syncs to each others devices.

My Only Complaints

There is not much to complain about with the Baby Sprout App, as the features were very good. However, there were a couple of things that I would fix.

Syncing Issue: It didn't happen very often, and was fixable, but it was a little annoying when my device wasn't in sync with my wife's device. My screen looked fine, but my wife's says the baby was asleep for 2 days. Or vice versa. Like I said, it didn't happen very often, and to fix it, we just removed the entry on each device and put it back it. I found that if you leave the app open for a while after you input, it reduces the syncing issue frequency.

iOS Only: This is not a fault or issue, but just note that this app is currently only available on iOS (iPhone and iPad). I have an Android phone, and the app is not available for it. I had to use my iPad, which was ok, but not always on me. If I owned this company, I would look at creating an Android version, especially since there are more people on Android than iOS.

Final Words

The Sprout Baby Application is easy to use, and I really do recommend it to new parents. There are a ton of features which you can use, or like me, you can just use some of the features. It makes life as a parent a little easier.

Download Sprout Baby

Download the Sprout Baby Application

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