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Review: Silver Cross Wave Pram

October 17, 2018
Rated 4.5/5
Silver Cross

Quality Ain’t Cheap

Ok, I will be honest with you straight up. The Silver Cross Wave Pram is NOT a cheap pram, so if you have a small budget, look away now. The wave pram is quite expensive, but in my opinion, it is well built, high quality, easy to use and a good value pram.

This pram is made for serious pram connoisseurs who like to push around a quality, solid pram that goes where you want it to go.
Talia and the Silvercross Wave
Talia & the boys walking the wave pram in the park

Silver Cross Wave Pram Overview

Ok, you are still reading, so you have gotten over the fact this is a not a cheap pram, and you are hopefully someone who appreciates good quality.

The Wave pram by Silver Cross is their first double pram, and it can also be used as a single pram. We upgraded from the Silver Cross Pioneer, we just wish the double pram was out when we bought the single as we knew our family was going to grow.

Out of the box, the Wave comes with the base, a seat, and a bassinet. Pretty much all you need for a newborn and a older child. Our boys are twelve months apart, so this pram was perfect.

You will soon need the ‘Tandem Seat’ though, and this is not included in the box. You can also use the wave with compatible capsules. We haven’t used capsules, but their website says they are compatible with ‘Maxi Cosi, Nuns Pipa and Joie’. You can setup the Wave in many different configurations, but..... There is a catch, which you can read further down in this review.
Ashton in the Silvercross Wave Pram
Ashton posing in our Silver Cross Wave

What I Like About The Wave

Two Seats or One
I really like the fact that you can use this as a single pram, or a double pram, and when you use it in single mode, it isn't obvious that its a double, as there is no massive gap. The reason is, when you convert it, you fold down the mounts, and it places the seat in the centre of the pram. Perfect. The only catch with this, is that only one of the two seats fit this slot. More about this below.

Easy to Fold Up
This should be a must when buying any pram, but I found the Silver Cross easier than others to fold up. Simply push in the extendable handle with one hand, unclick each seat and remove them, then pull the two triggers on the handle and fold the base flat. Done.

Easy to Push
I guess this was at the top of our list when buying a pram, because at the end of the day, this is what the pram is for. You need to be able to push it around easily when fully loaded. You will certainly be able to do that with the Silver Cross Wave. It is really smooth to push, and turns very easily. My wife and I have no problems pushing the Wave around, and when we are out, we often see others struggling with other brand prams.

Built Strong
I am going to be honest, this pram is heavy. But, I see this as a positive. As long as you are able to lift the Wave out of your car, you are not going to worry about the weight again. What you do want, is a sturdy, strong pram that isn’t going to buckle under the weight. This pram is built strong, this is due to the fact that it holds two. I feel confident pushing it up or down a step.

Quality of Materials
I think the quality of the materials is what sets Silver Cross apart from the others. The Wave is our second Silver Cross pram, we also have the Pioneer Limited Edition. Both are stunning in the quality of materials. As mentioned above, the frame is strong, and made of sturdy materials; but the seats, hoods, and wind protectors are next level awesome! The materials are strong, the design is amazing and it all feels plush. I am jealous of our boys sometimes, and wish our car seats were as plush!

What I Don’t Like About The Wave Pram

There is not much to dislike about this pram, I really do think it is a great product. However it isn’t perfect, and here are my issues.

Seat Configuration
Silver Cross make it very clear on their description... "The main seat with initial purchase can only go in to the top position". However, a less clear point is that the bottom seat (Additional Tandem Seat) can Not go into the top slot. That might sound ok, and for some people it might be ok... but for us, that really sucks.

Why you ask? Because our children are different sizes, and if you want to go out with one child, the seat has to be placed in the top position. Only one of the seats go in that position, so you need to adjust all of the straps every time you want to set it up for each child. A massive pain in the bum.

Silver Cross, if you read this, here are two solutions that would help....
1. Make is so either seat can go in either slot.
2. Make the straps more easily adjustable. Especially the height adjuster, why can't it just be on a slider, pinch and slide up or down, with a click at every few centimetres.

Seats Don't Stack
We are currently using the seat and the tandem seat, and when we go to put them in the massive boot of our car, we need to stack them on top of each other... There seems to be no way to stack them without them being unstable, or damaging each other. Every time I brake of accelerate, they are crashing around.

Arm Pinching Release
This could just be me, so I am not holding it against Silver Cross, but thought it was worth mentioning. When I fold up the base, and go to lift it to put it in the car, the trigger release pinches my bicep, almost every time! I learnt very quickly to hold it differently.

Overall Review Opinion

I rate the Silver Cross Wave highly, as I do the Silver Cross brand. This is an extreamly high quality product, and is easy to use. Whilst there are a few design issues, I don’t regret buying this pram, and we feel confident pushing our two precious boys around in it.


Silver Cross Australia

Wave Pram

Wave Pram @ Baby Bunting

Additional Tandem Seat @ Baby Bunting

Documents & Downloads

Silver Cross Wave Instruction Manual

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