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The Google Assistant Unicorn Easter Egg

May 23, 2018
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Stop Right Now, And Ask Google

OK Google: What sound does a Unicorn make?
Hey Google: What noise does a Unicorn make?

It turns out, the Google Assistant has the audio answer for you.
What Sound Does a Unicorn Make

How We Found the Unicorn

I am sure it is on a list of 'What to Ask Google Home' somewhere... But my wife actually found it randomly, trying to be funny most likely. We were playing with our son, and asking Google what some animals sound like. We did pig, cow, giraffe, and many more, then my wife says: Ok Google... What sound does a Unicorn make? We were both shocked to get a response. It was quite funny, and well played on Googles part.

Google Home Easter Eggs

The sound of a Unicorn, amongst other sounds and unusual responses, are what people call, Easter eggs. Google Home has a lot of built in Easter eggs like:

OK Google, tell me a joke.
OK Google, tell me a sad story.
OK Google, What did the Fox say?

There are actually a lot of hidden surprises for Google Home, here is a great article on some of them: Best Google Home Easter Eggs

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