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Review: Twirly Whirly Rainbow Ramp

July 2, 2018
Rated 5/5
Kmart, Toys, Rainbow, Ball, Cause & Effect, Fine Motor Skills

Simple & Entertaining

Firstly... This is NOT a paid review. Kmart gives me nothing. Kmart, if you are reading this... Feel free to load me up, as you have awesome stuff.. Until then, this is just my honest review, as I bought this toy recently.

I didn't really think I should write a review on a basic $10 piece of plastic. But my son absolutely loves this thing. So think of this as a product endorsement and recommendation, rather than a product review. It even made it to our Top 10 Toys - 6 to 12 months.

The Twirly Whirly Rainbow Ramp is a Ten buck toy from Kmart. It's already setup, so there is nothing for you do to but unbox it. It comes with three balls: Two solid ones that my son hates and never really uses... And one totally awesome one that is clear with other tiny balls inside that makes a rattle sound when it rolls.

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Kmart Twirly Whirly Rainbow Ramp Review

Developing Skills

This toy is recommended for 12 months and older. After looking over the toy, I presumed the age recommendation was due to ability rather than safety. I bought this for my son when he was 10 months, and supervised his play. He watched me use this just two or three times, and then he knew exactly what to do. He played with this over and over again, and was so excited to watch the ball roll to the bottom. This was the first toy where he showed real skill, and it was amazing to see him playing with it.

Kmart describes the development benefits as: 'Helps develop fine motor skills, sensory and tactile skills, auditory skills and understanding of cause and effect'.

Playing with the Twirly Whirly Rainbow Ramp

Here is a picture of Ashton playing with this toy. If your kids like these types of toys, you should take a look at STEM Mayhem. They create fun kinetic energy games and more.

Get This Toy

I can't recommend this toy enough. I certainly noticed it developing my sons skills, and it was only $10. And because it is just plastic, I am looking forward to using it with water and sand and anything else I can think of.

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