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Review: VTech Learning Walker

October 20, 2018
Rated 5/5
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Developmental, Educational & Fun

The VTech Learning Walker is an awesome toy for kids. My son Ashton loves this thing!!!

Some toys just focus on one aspect of a child's development, but the Vtech Walker assist kids with many aspects. Ashton received the walker as a gift from Grandma, and has played with it a lot. I think it would have to be one of his most favourite toys ever, and it made it to his Top 10 Toys - 6 to 12 months.
Ashton and the VTech Walker
Ashton playing with his VTech Walker from Kmart

Develop Walking Skills

The main objective of the learning walker would have to be that it assists in teaching your kids to walk. It certainly helped our son Ashton gain balancing skills, and it also gave him the confidence to take some steps on his own. We found that confidence was the only thing stopping him from walking, and this toy really helped, as you can see by the video below.


Our son was quite young when he received this gift, and wasn't too interested in the educational side of this toy, but, as he is getting a little older, he is starting to care about some of the learning aspects of this toy. The shapes were one of the first things he tried, clicking on and off the shapes, and turning them to fit. He hasn't learnt to count yet, but I am sure he will be onto the numbers soon.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Putting education and development aside, the VTech Learning Walker is a really fun toy for kids to play with. Lots of sounds, lots of moving parts, removable front panel so your child can put in in your lap to play with (Or bang it on your head), and it even has lights. Our son has played with this toy for hours, and the reason... It's fun.

The Phone Was a Bonus

I think the developers of this toy knew what they were doing when they seemed to randomly include a telephone.... Our son uses this part of the toy the most. He puts it to his ear, he puts it to our ear, and even yells down the hand piece pretending to answer it. Turns out, kids just love phones.

Overall Opinion/Review

The VTech Learning Walker is a great product, and represents great value for money. It seems to be built to a high quality, and we haven't even changed the batteries yet after many hours of use. I certainly recommend this product for all kids, and especially those almost ready to walk.
VTech Learning Walker Box
VTech Walker from Kmart

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