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Review: Wahu Splash'n Snake

October 20, 2018
Rated 4.5/5
Wahu, Water

Simple Family Fun!

The Wahu Splash'n Snake Is a very simple toy, but is represents a massive amount of fun.

The Splash'n Snake is a 4 metre long soft plastic snake that you connect a garden hose to. It spurts out water at all angles for kids to enjoy. Really simple to use. You will be cooling off the kids, and watering the lawn at the same time.
Ashton Playing with Wahu Splash N Snake
Ashton playing in the Wahu water toy

Kids love the Splash'n Snake

As soon as we turned on the water to this toy, our son Ashton had wide eyes, and was running straight towards it. Kids love water toys, and this simple toy was no exception. He ran around it, tripped over it, and sometimes just sat in it... and all the while, had a giant smile on his face.
Review of the Wahu Splashn Snake

Overall Opinion/Review

There is nothing to dislike about the Splash'n Snake by Wahu. Sure, you can just buy a soaker hose if you like, but a soaker hose isn’t brightly coloured and doesn’t have a giant smiley face at one end. Do your kids a favour, and grab the Splash'n Snake by Wahu.

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