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We Bought a Family Car!

October 20, 2018
Family, Townsville

We Needed Space, Fast

Up until now, we have been cruising around in our 2015 Corolla hatch. The single pram fit in the back, and we only had one child (Ashton) and he was under 1. Life was great, and space was not an issue.

Then, August 1 came around...... Our second son Eli was born. Down to the shop to get a double pram, another rear facing car seat and that's when reality set in. Where the hell was I going to put all of this stuff?

We Went with the Kia Sorento

To be honest with you upfront, I never thought I would buy a Kia. Somewhere in the past (Do not know when), I conjured up the image that Kia was cheap and unreliable. We were looking at a Mazda CX-9, and the Toyota Kluger, and during my search these 2 vehicles were always being compared to the Kia Sorento. So, I thought what the hell, no harm taking a look.

We were blown away! We ended up negotiating for about a week with the Kia Dealer here in Townsville (Pickerings), then ended up driving out with the Kia Sorento GT-Line.
Eldridge Family in Kia Sorento
The Eldridge Family in their Kia Sorento

Best Things about the Kia Sorento GT-Line

There is a lot to like about this SUV. But here are some of the features we love:

7 Year Warranty: I always believe that a product is only as good as its warranty. Well, no other company was offering a 7 year warranty, and to me, that meant they aren't willing to stand by their product for that long. To us, at the price we paid, we would expect at least 7 years. The Kia Warranty just made us feel like they are backing their vehicles.

The Panoramic Sunroof: This is our first car with a sunroof, and we love it! Maybe the novelty will wear off, but for now. Let the light shine in!
Kia Sorento Panaramic Sunroof
Sorento sunroof image from the Kia website
Parking Camera System: The cameras in this car are amazing. I am totally in love with the top view camera. It maps all of the cameras on the vehicle together and produces a top view around the car! It is totally unbelievable, and very handy. I will never hit another gutter again.
Kia Sorento Parking Camera
Image of the Sorento Camera from the Kia website
Window Shades: Since having kids, we have been driving around with 'Window Socks' on to protect the kids from the sun. The Sorento has built in sun protectors! You just lift them up an hook them to the top of the window. They sit just inside the back windows.

The Front Seats: Doesn't take much to impress us! We love the front seats. They have heating, and cooling! Yes, cooling! They are adjusted electrically, and the drivers seat has memory so when we switch drivers, just touch a button, and it adjusts to the other person. They are leather and super comfy.

There are so many more features (EG, Space for everything), but they didn't pay us to write this, so I am not going to go on.
Kia Sorento Interior
Interior of the Sorento from the Kia website

Best Decision Ever

Upgrading from a hatch to a SUV has been the best decision ever. On top of that, I am so glad we didn't get the base model, and paid to get the top of the line. Just so many more features and has really made driving enjoyable.

Since buying the Sorento, we have loaded up the boys and gone for a drive almost every day. Talia is still on maternity leave, so we are really enjoying this family time at the moment. Let's hope the future with our new Kia SUV is going to be as delightful and as memorable as it has been up until now.

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