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Welcome to the World, Eli

October 15, 2018
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I know this post is a few weeks late, but life has been ridiculously crazy with a newborn and a 12 month old. Saying that, I am kind of glad now that I did wait, because I can now include a few details of life in the first 6 weeks for Eli. This post is a welcome to Eli, and a little about his first few weeks.

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Welcome Eli

Aug 1, 2018 - A wonderful day to remember. Our second boy joined our family, and we became a family of 4.

Nothing can really prepare you for the birth of a child. The day was quite hectic, and to me, it felt like it went quickly. Mum was in hospital overnight due to the induction process. I left our 12 month old Ashton with his Nonna, and headed into the hospital early in the morning. The process started of a little slow, but before I knew it, it was going full speed ahead.

Then, in the evening, without any complications, we met our son Eli for the first time. We didn’t know the gender before the birth, so this really added to the moment. I was overcome with emotion, the tears streamed. Everyone was safe, and we had another little boy who we called Eli.
Talia Holding Eli
Eli with Mum a few minutes after being born

The First Week

Eli was in hospital with mum for a few nights. Had all of his tests, and all was looking great. I visited often, but didn’t stay because I was looking after Ashton and a house of visitors. I took Ashton to meet Eli the next day and we weren’t sure what to expect. He patted his hand, but that was about it, a bit too young to understand what has happened. If only he knew, he most likely just met his best friend.
Our First Family Photo
Our first ever family photo including Eli
During the first week, between visits, I was putting the final touches to Eli’s room, and it was also a bit of a surprise for mum when she got home. I didn’t have to do much, as we had the room almost complete, but I purchased some really cool cot sheets, and set up a large frame of all the photos we had already. When mum and bub arrived home, mum was really surprised at the photos and even cried a little. Coming home is such a milestone, and it really does symbolise the beginning of our new life.
The room is Ready for Eli
Eli's room is ready for him

A Really Rough Start

After the first 2 weeks of sleepless nights, (And when I say sleepless, I mean sleepless. Eli would only sleep for about 10 mins at a time) we realised things just weren't right. We were off to see our paediatrician.

Over the next 4 weeks, we had multiple visits to specialist paediatricians, and we still were no closer to a solution to his problem. He was in a lot of pain, and was still only sleeping about 10-15mins at a time. This was having a huge impact on our life, and taking its toll on mum and I.

Very long story short.... Eli had a cold for the first 2 weeks, he also has reflux and to top it off, he has cows milk intolerance. What made it hard to diagnose is that one brand of formula designed for cows milk protein intolerance was still causing the problem, and made it very hard to diagnose.

Can I just add...... anyone who has a baby diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance... I feel your pain. This condition is really horrible, and is one of the worst things we have ever had to go through as a family.

The good news now, is that after 7 weeks, and a great new formula from the chemist, Eli is so much better, and is sleeping in larger blocks. Best of all, he seems to be in less pain and so much more comfortable. Mum and I have our sleep back, and are back to our normal selves.
Eli at 5 Weeks
Eli at 5 weeks of age

The Future

I am a reasonably new dad, and other dads with more experience may think I am delusional, but....

I just can't wait for the future. I look forward to being with my boys everyday. I am a stay at home dad, and could not be happier. These two boys bring me so much joy, and I am married to a truly wonderful person who makes every day brighter. We all have a lot of fun, and we all love and support each other. Becoming a dad, is the best thing I have ever done in my life.
Eli in his Cot
Eli sleeping peacefully in his cot