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Review: Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro

October 21, 2018
Rated 5/5
Water, Cause & Effect, Bath

This Yookidoo Delivers the Fun!

The Spin N Sort Spout Pro by Yookidoo put a big smile on our sons face. He really enjoyed playing with it in the bath, and all of the different features made it a really interesting toy.
Ashton Playing with Yookidoo Spin N Spout

Spin N Sort Spout Overview

This bath toy has about ten different activities for kids. The main part is a spout that is battery powered and pumps a continuous stream of water from the submerged base to the top.

The top of the Spout turns in any direction, and runs water over other parts of the toy, eg: the cogs. You can also block the main Spout output with your finger, and is causes it to spray out like a sprinkler (Pictured Below).

The colours are fantastic, and all the different components are fun and provide a lot of entertainment in the bath for kids.
Yookidoo Spin N Sort Spout Pro

Spin N Sort Spout Video

Here is the official Yookidoo video for the Spin N Sort Spout Pro. Just a short video, but it shows you how the toy is used in the bath, and it shows most of the activities.

Overall Review/Opinion

Ashton really enjoys playing with this toy. The cog system is a great learning tool, and helps with learning cause and effect. The outer part of the cog is removable, and when you remove one, the other cogs down the line stop spinning. The cogs are also different shapes and colors, which helps development.

The Yookidoo Spin N Sort Spout Pro is a great toy for kids in the bath. It helps development and entertains. Built to a high quality, I can see our family using this toy for many years to come.
Yookidoo Spin N Sort Spout and Ashton

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